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  • Government established TSTS Ltd. as a specialized agency to build up skills for development of computer systems requirement specifications, techno-commercial analysis, market intelligence etc. for procurement of computer and office automation equipment, acceptance testing and all related services.  Government Departments, Public Institutions and Public Sector Undertakings have been relying on TSTS Ltd., for their hardware/software procurement requirements.

    • To Provide consultancy services to Government Departments, Government Companies/ Corporations, Government Aided Bodies/ Institutions in the purchase of modern office equipment including computer hardware and to assist in preparation of site and installation of all such equipment and hardware and to provide consultancy services
    • To undertake maintenance and repairs of hardware and to undertake development of software appropriate to the needs of user depts
    • To provide services to operate the systems and to provide consultancy to user depts. for recruitment of professionals and provide detailed training to user agencies at various levels
    • To undertake research and development in software and assist in acquisition and maintenance of equipment maintenance and use of any other technological aids to administration.

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