The emergence of New State will have New challenges in the road ahead for the Information Technology in the state of Telangana . Information Technology is one such area to meet these challenges.

The governance at the grass roots can be improved by ensuring greater accountability of performance through the e-Governace institutions. A new e-Governance Policy framework that is participatory and accountable to stakeholders is a prerequisite for inclusive and sustainable development. Information Technology Policy of the state will provide road map for the future.

The Telangana Technology Services Ltd., is a Public Sector Undertaking under Government of Telangana is pioneer in Technical Consultancy Services & Procurement Services with quality, to various Government Departments. . Our goal is to always be the best and we are confident that with that we support Government for their e-Governance Initiatives.

  Reduce procurement timelines

 Capacity Building by way of strengthening the Technical Manpower

  Encouragement by way of Government funding for IT initiatives.

 Promote Technology transfer and commercialization

 Come out with more and more e-governance initiatives for all the departments

 To focus on consultancy projects