Hardware Procurement

TGTS takes up procurement of hardware, software, networking components, and other IT goods and services on behalf of various government departments of the state. The IT goods and services are directly provided by the respective vendors/suppliers to user departments under the supervision of TGTS. The entire procurement process is steered by a committee called the Technical-Cum-Purchase Committee (TCPC) which comprises representatives from relevant government departments and TGTS officials.

Various functions are undertaken by TGTS for Procurement:

  • Assisting the user department in finalizing specifications for goods and services
  • Estimating cost for the indented goods and services
  • Inviting bids or Request For Proposal (RFP) from interested vendors.
  • Bid/RFP evaluation by TCPC members
  • Selection of vendors raising purchase orders
  • Follow up on delivery
  • Verification of delivery and conduct of Acceptance Tests
  • Bill processing and payments to vendors

eProcurement Application

TGTS is providing consultancy for selection of service providers for development of Software and maintenance of portals to provide the services. M/s Vayam Technologies is providing O&M Services on e-Procurement project. Identified M/s Cambridge Technologies Enterprises Ltd. to design, and develop a new updated e-Procurement & e-Auction System for Government and the software development is underway.

Some of the key features of e-Procurement Portal:

  • Online Enrolment of the Government officials & the bidders
  • Tender creation & Publishing , Publishing of Corrigendum, & pre-bid meeting documents
  • Online bid submission/re-submission
  • Two Factor Authentication
  • Facility for Online payment collection through Bank Payment Gateway
  • Encryption of bids submitted by the bidder using a Digital Signature Certificate (DSC)
  • Tender opening online and automatic evaluation of the financial bid
  • Updation of the committee recommendations at each stage of the tender process
  • Mail/SMS communication at various stages to bidders/Government officials
  • Digital Signing file documents using DSCs