Consultancy Services

TGTS provides consultancy services to Government Departments, Government Companies/ Corporations, and Government Aided Bodies/ Institutions in the purchase of modern office equipment including computer hardware. TGTS also assists in the preparation of the site and installation of all such equipment and hardware, upgrade computers and other electronic systems to the aforesaid departments, companies/ Corporations, and bodies/ institutions already processing them. TGTS has a flexible consultancy approach and considers the specific requirements of each department/agency of the government. TGTS also provides consultancy services to user agencies for the recruitment of professionals and to create computer awareness and to provide detailed training to user agencies at various levels.


TGTS hires the Technical Manpower on behalf of the User Departments from the open market as per the procedures laid down by the government and provides the IT Personnel services to operate the systems. Based on the job description, TGTS publishes the requirements for various consulting forms associated with TGTS for the said purpose. On preliminary shortlisting of the profiles, TGTS along with the respective department officials forms a panel to examine the candidates and onboard the best fit based on the Departments request. Such Manpower is supplied on a contract basis as per the targeted programs or vision of the department.

E-Governance Initiatives

TGTS has been involved in a large number of e-government initiatives taken up by the Government of Telangana.
These initiatives are taken up by TGTS based on the subject matter expertise held in the IT industry.

Following are some of the e-Government solutions provided by TGTS:

  • Security Audit services for hosting applications in SDC
  • Consultancy for Mee Seva and eSeva
  • Consultancy to Transport Department computerization
  • Consultancy to IT E&C Department
  • Consultancy to Finance Department - Budget
  • Consultancy to Finance Department - PAO computerization
  • EPIC - for GAD Elections Department
  • Scholarship Information system for the Social Welfare department
  • Connectivity on TSWAN to Different Govt. Depts.
  • Consultancy to Police Department
  • Video Conference
  • Service Centre Agency of ESD
  • Authentication services (Aadhaar/Non Aadhaar)

Mission Mode Projects

TGTS has also executed some of the mission mode projects for the Government of Telangana like:

eDistrict GOI: TGTS is an ‘Implementing Agency’.

  • Conceptualized to improve, and enhance the efficiencies of various Departments at the district-level for seamless service delivery to the citizens.
  • Districts are the de-facto front-end of Government where most Government-to-Consumer or G2C interactions take place.
  • Front-ends - in the form of citizen facilitation centers, are envisioned to be built at the District, Tehsil, Sub-division & Block levels, and Village-level.
  • Front-ends would be established through Common Services Centres (CSCs) for delivery of services