Aadhaar Authentication/eKYC Services

Telangana Technology Services (TGTS) is appointed as a nodal Agency on behalf of the ITE&C Department, Government of Telangana for Aadhaar Authentication & KYC User Agency (Aadhaar) in the UIDAI ecosystem to provide Authentication/KYC services to various departments in the State of Telangana to extend the beneficiary schemes to the residents of TS (G. O. Rt. 39 Dated 06-09-2017).

Aadhaar Services offered by TGTS:
Aadhaar Authentication:

Aadhaar Authentication means the process by which the Aadhaar number along with the Aadhaar holder's personal identity data such as biometric/demographic information is submitted to UIDAI (Central Identities Data Repository-CIDR) for matching, following which the UIDAI verifies the correctness thereof on the basis of the match with the Aadhaar holder's identity information available with it. The purpose of Authentication is to enable Aadhaar-holders to prove their identity and for service providers to confirm the resident's identity claim in order to provide services and give access to benefits.

Authentication types:
  • Biometric Matching (Finger Print and/or IRIS Authentication )
  • Demographic Matching
  • One-Time-PIN (OTP) - Mobile Number Registered with UIDAI
  • Face Authentication
Aadhaar e-KYC Services:

UIDAI offers the e-KYC service, which enables a resident having an Aadhaar number to share their demographic information and photograph with a UIDAI partner organization in an online, secure, auditable manner with the residents consent. The consent by the resident can be given via a Biometric authentication (Finger Print/IRIS, One Time Password (OTP), and Face) authentication. The Aadhaar holders demographic information i.e. Name, Address, Date of Birth, Gender, Phone & Email (where available) & Photograph which is currently available with the resident is shared via the e-KYC service.

Aadhaar Based Attendance System (ABAS):
  • This is a centralized system for marking and monitoring of daily attendance (for staff and students) in all government offices/institutions.
  • TGTS will provide the device side (Windows, Android, Linux) application.
  • Provide reports & analytic of ABAS
  • Maintain a high time available system.
  • Leave Management, OD, Deputation marking, Shifts marking etc.
On boarding of Departments:Process and Guidelines:
  • Upon receipt of request from departments of government of Telangana, TGTS shall share draft copies of ‘MoU’, ‘Joint Undertaking’, on boarding sheet and Sub-AUA Application with the respective department.
  • Department should submit the published G.O. and Gazette Notification for the use of Aadhaar Authentication Services under section 7 (use of Aadhaar for Benefit Schemes of Government) of the Aadhaar Act 2016. OR Copy of the MeiTY approval under Good Governance under Section 4(4) (b) for the Schemes implemented by State Government.
    • Upon receipt of approval as Sub-AUA the user department has to pay license of Rs.3,54,000/- for every 2 years.
    • The user departments/departments, application service providers, device vendors, data centres (hosting agencies) should strictly adhere to the UIDAI Rules/Guidelines notified from time to time.
Point of Contact Details:
  1. Managerial Point of Contact (MPOC)-Aadhaar

    Name: R Pushpa
    Designation: General Manager (IT Consultancy, Procurement & Support Services)
    Email id: rpushpa-TGTS@telangana.gov.in
    Mobile no: 9963029391

  2. Technical Point of Contact (TPOC)-Aadhaar

    Name: B.VenkateshwarRao
    Designation: I/c General Manager & Manager (HWP)
    Email id: bvrao-TGTS-ts@telangana.gov.in
    Mobile no: 9963029403

Important Circulars:
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